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New Mexico State University
Office of the Vice President for Research

Computer Science and Computer and Electrical Engineering

NMSU's Research Areas
NMSU professors of Computer Science Enrico Pontelli and Son Cao Tran (seated) explain their researching techniques to students. They recently received a $340,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to study artificial intelligence specifically related to research on the planning and development of intelligent software agents.
NMSU Research Areas:

NMSU faculty and researchers in this area are involved in a broad range of research in power, optical, communication, and control systems; computer networks; software engineering; and artificial intelligence. In 2011, NMSU had more than $11 million in funding from more than 25 sponsors.

Faculty research efforts focus on

  • Photonics and Electromagnetics: Photonic microcavities, surface plasmon polaritons, photonic sensors, optoelectronics, phased array antennas, electromagnetic source imaging
  • Signals and Systems: Digital, FR, and optical communication; signal and image processing, pattern classification, error correcting codes, network coding and theory
  • Power and Control: Power system protection, digital relaying, energy distribution systems, power system modeling and control, renewable energy and microgrids
  • Computer Engineering: Satellite design; system engineering; microarchitecture; wireless, sensor, and optical networks; performance modeling and analysis; computer performance
  • Databases and Data Mining: Patterns, association rules, and clusters
  • Networks: Sensor networks, wireless networks, and social networks
  • Assistive technologies: Reasoning about actions and changes, planning, scheduling, autonomous agents, web agents, control theory, knowledge representation and reasoning, and logic programming

NMSU resources include

  • Center for Telemetry and Telemetering
  • Advanced Speech and Audio Processing Laboratory
  • R.L. Golden Particle Astrophysics Lab (PAL)
  • Electromagnetics and Microwave LaboratoryTop
  • Electric Utility Management Program (EUMP)
  • VLSI Laboratory
  • Electro-Optics Research Laboratory
  • Performance and Architecture Research Lab (PARL)
  • Computer Networking Lab (CNL)
  • Advanced Computer Architecture Performance and Simulation Laboratory
  • Rio Grande Institute for Soft Computing (RioSoft)
  • Advanced Computer Systems Engineering Laboratory (ACSEL)

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