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New Mexico State University
Office of the Vice President for Research

Energy and Biofuels

NMSU's Research Areas
NMSU to Play Role in New Biological Research Facility.
From left, William Enloe, CEO of Los Alamos National Bank, Pete Lammers, director of NMSU's Algal Biofuels Program, and Sen. Tom Udall have a discussion at the groundbreaking ceremony for the New Mexico Consortium's biology laboratory.
NMSU Research Areas:

NMSU researchers conducting research in energy and fuel research are active in harnessing and utilizing sustainable energy from renewable sources, including wind, solar, biofuels, and agricultural waste. In 2011, NMSU had more than $16 million in current funding from 45 sponsors in support of energy research.

Faculty research efforts focus on

  • Algal biofuels: Algae cultivation, energy-positive nutrient recycling and waste water treatment, biomass chemical analysis, biomass to fuel processing, co-products from algae biomass, and techno-economic modeling
  • Microgrids: Public policy issues, development of microgrid designs, development of advanced control systems, and prototype implementation
  • Solar Energy: Product testing and evaluation for public and private agencies, policy development, instrumentation and data collection, training and outreach to PV professionals (installers, inspectors, designers, and policy makers), and the development of codes and standards
  • Wind Energy: Wind energy development, including resource assessment, feasibility studies, project implementation, training, and systems monitoring
  • Fuel Cells: new process configuration to produce biohydrogen from soil organic wastes; effective method for hydrogen storage

NMSU resources include

Major Projects

Algal Biofuels
Microgrids Solar Energy Wind Energy Fuel Cells


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