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New Mexico State University
Office of the Vice President for Research

Plant and Soil Sciences

Plant and Environmental Sciences
Biology professor Heather Throop demonstrates how to use a portable gas exchange system to measure CO2 (carbon dioxide) uptake in plants. (NMSU photo by Darren Philips)
NMSU Research Areas:

NMSU focuses on expanding, integrating, and extending the knowledge of plant and soil ecosystems in the production of plants, the creation of a living landscape, and the sustenance of environmental quality. In 2011, NMSU had more than $7 million in funding from 34 sponsors in support of plant and soil sciences research.

Research efforts include

  • Water and nitrogen management in crops
  • Development of New Mexico onion and chili varieties
  • Improved crop selection, breeding, genetics, and pest mitigation
  • Biological diversity of rangeland in the Chihuahuan Desert
  • Techniques for forage production under water-limiting conditions
  • Weed management for improved soil and forage
  • Improved soil quality in irrigated, high-saline soils
  • Soil-borne disease prevention in agricultural crops and livestock
  • Medicinal Plants

NMSU resources include

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