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New Mexico State University

ARRA (Recovery Act) Awards to NMSU: Elba Serrano

Agency: NIH
PI: Elba Serrano
Period: 9/30/2009 - Title: Uncovering Molecular Targets for Therapeutic Drugs in Organ Systems
Professor Elba Serrano and her research team of scientists and NMSU students participate in the MIT Cell Decision Processes (CDP) Center efforts to develop models for processes and networks that underlie cell decisions, such as the choice between life and death. The MIT CDP Center is one of ten national Systems Biology Centers supported by the NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences (P50-GM68762). Dr. Serrano leads the NMSU project under a consortium arrangement with MIT.

Within the CDP Center the Serrano team is pursuing two aims: 1) to expand the queriable Encyclopedia of Molecular Targets (EMoT) database to include the effects of therapeutic drugs on organs (inner ear, kidney, brain) and 2) to develop in vitro culture systems that can be used to test predictions that arise from EMoT queries regarding the putative protective (life) or toxic (death) effects of therapeutic drugs on molecular targets in organs.

ARRA Supplemental funds from NIH for the Serrano consortium project will accelerate progress on both aims by recruiting additional personnel for the project. Funds will be used for new job creation for an MS/PhD level staff researcher, and will provide support for a graduate student who is pursuing a doctoral degree.

For more information about this research and the personnel involved in the project, please visit the Serrano NeuroLab and CDP Center urls: