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New Mexico State University

NMSU Research News (Newsletter of the Office of the VP for Research)

Volume 6, Number 20
In this issue:
  1. Five-million dollar NSF Grant Boosts NMSUSmartgrid Research and Education
  2. DoD Funding to Enhance NMSU’s Materials Research
  3. Astronomy Researcher Receives Prestigious NSF Award to Study the Sun
  4. Dod Funding will Advance NMSU's Aerospace Research
  5. NMSU Researchers Visit India to Expand Research Collaborations
  6. Significant NSF CAREER Award to Help NMSU Faculty Study the Sun's Magnetic Field
  7. NMSU Faculty's Book Addresses Multimodal Composition Issues
  8. Introducing NMSU VIVO for Clinical and Translational Research
Volume 6, Number 19
In this issue:
  1. Department of Energy awards $5 million grant to continue NMSU's algal biofuel research
  2. NSF MRI funding to boost NMSU's earth science related research
  3. NIH funded project could give rise to a new generation of insecticides
  4. Recipients of the 2013 URC Awards for Scholarly and Creative Activities
  5. NMSU physicists investigate neutrinos at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
  6. NMSU chemistry and biochemistry faculty awarded prestigious NIH R01 grant
  7. NMSU CHSS Associate Dean for Research Launches the newly established Southwest Survey Research Center
  8. Office of Research Development's fall semester proposal development workshops
  9. GRID's new features enhance user experience
Volume 6, Number 18
In this issue:
  1. NMSU Researchers Granted NM EPSCoR Award to Develop New Technologies at the Energy-Water-Environment Nexus
  2. Research Improves Efficiency and Survivability of Navy Ships
  3. Meet Dr. Kenneth C. Carroll, New Faculty of the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences
  4. Behavioral Lab for Business Research
  5. New Directions in Lung Cancer Research
  6. Water Science and Management Moves Forward
Volume 5, Number 17
In this issue:
  1. NMSU Honors Fiscal Year 2012 Top Researchers
  2. DHS Summer Research Opportunity for NMSU Faculty
  3. 12th Annual URC Research and Creativity Activities Fair
  4. 2012 NMSU Research Rallies
  5. New Mexico Border Communities Healthy Marriage and Relationship Project Recently Awarded $800,000, Extended for Three Years
  6. NMSU Faculty.s Book Opens New Research Horizons
  7. Computer Science Professor and His Students Publish paper in High Impact Journal of Nature Methods
Volume 5, Number 16
In this issue:
  1. Recipients of the 2012 Interdisciplinary Research Grants
  2. NMSU Researchers Granted Prestigious NSF INSPIRE Award to Enhance Experimental Biology Research through Wireless Sensor Networks
  3. Recipients of the 2012 University Research Council Awards
  4. Dr. Shanna Lodge-Ivey Appointed Chair of the University Research Council
  5. 12th Annual URC Fair to be Held on October 5, 2012
  6. NMSU Physicists Track Heavy Quarks at Brookhaven Collider
  7. Strategic Initiatives Changes Name to Office of Research Development
  8. NMSU's Research Portal Available Online
Volume 4, Number 15
In this issue:
  1. NMSU's Delegation to China Expands Partnership
  2. NMSU Faculty's Grant to Help Combat Bovine Respiratory Disease
  3. Recipients of the Interdisciplinary Research Grants
  4. Meet NMSU's 2011 Rising Stars
  5. NMSU's Energy Research Laboratory Expands Algae-to-Biofuel Cultivation Capacity
  6. Interdisciplinary Project Aims to Improve Audio and Video Quality by Directly Measuring Brainwave Patterns
  7. NMSU Faculty's Research Findings on Mosquito Insecticides Published in Journal of Biological Chemistry
  8. Introducing NMSU Faculty's Recent Book, Irony and the Modern Theater
  9. NMSU Faculty to Present Paper on Modern Arab Uprising and Social Media at National Journalism Conference
  10. Paper by Faculty Members from College of Business Wins Prestigious Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence
Volume 3, Number 14
In this issue:
1) NMSU's STEM Education Group Receives New Funding for Math and Science Education
2) Bulling at Workplace
3) NSF and NIH Profiles Available for NMSU Faculty
4) NMSU Faculty Member's New Nursing Book OFfers Strategies for Success in Research
5) NMSU Expert Serves as a Presenter in Corporate Webinar on Export Control
6) NMSU Students Win in Annual Meeting of Entomological Society of America
7) Geography Faculty Develops 3D Virtual Platform for Body of Knowledge 2 (BoK2)
Volume 3, Number 13
In this issue:
1) Research Rally Ushers in Project 'Algal Biofuels for Aviation
2) Winners of the 2011 Interdisciplinary Research Grant Awards
3) Meet NMSU's New Biofuels Manager
4) NMSU Student back from Internship with U.S. Treasury Department in Washington, D.C.
5) Guest Scientist from Kenya Strengthens NMSU's International Partnership in Africa
6) Water Research Resources Institute (WRRI)'s New Interim Director
October 2010
In this issue:
1) Winners of the 2010 URC Research and Creative Activities Fair
2) WRRI and Statewide Water Research
3) Research on Protein Structure Prediction Receives Best Paper Award at International Conference
4) Spatial Distribution of Livestock on Rangelands: A Project Involving A Network of Study Sites on Two Continents
5) Funding Boosts NMSU.s Efforts in Examining the Resilience of NM Communities Facing Climate Change
6) The Professor of Secrets, NMSU History Professor Publishes Book on Renaissance Science
7) NMSU Graduate Accepts Faculty Position at Oklahoma State University
8) Scaling Up Mathematics Achievement Grant
9) NSF Workshops for NMSU Faculty and Researchers
August 2010
In this issue:
1) NMSU Delegation Participates in 2010 International Conference on Biomass and Energy Technologies in China
2) NMSU's Core University Research Lab Supports Regional Collaborative Research and Exploration
3) NMSU Faculty Aims to Improve Flow Cytometry Techniques
4) NMSU Librarian Documents Violence and Murder in Mexico 5) Geological Research in Alaska Helps Understand Plate Tectonic Processes
6) SWAT Lab Passes Biannual Accreditation Audit
7) NMSU Student Spends Summer in Africa Helping to Improve Irrigation Practices
June 2010
In this issue:
1) Winners of the 2010 University Research Council Awards
2) NMSU Faculty's ARRA-Funded Research on Grass-Shrub Responses to Climate Change in the Chihuahuan Desert
3) Energy Technologies: From Atoms to Applications
4) Multidisciplinary Project Aims to Develop Low-cost Malaria Diagnostic
Tool using Extraordinary Optical Transmission through Nanoholes
5) Research at NMSU Helps Understand Disease-Transmitting Mosquito Biology
6) Enhancing Defense Applications using Sensor Networks
7) Dona Anna Assistant Professor's Study Aims to Help Increase the Number of Biology Majors
8) Book: Terrorizing Women: Feminicide in the Americas
9) Linguistics Professor Publishes Findings on Spanish-Portuguese Language Contact
April 2010
In this issue:
1) NMSU's Millionaire Researchers Honored
2) Impacts of the ARRA Funds on NMSU and the State
3) New Mexico Selected by NASA for 2010 Summer of Innovation
4) Airborne Weather Sensor Flies on NMSU's Unmanned Aircraft
5) Mick O.Neill Associate Professor of Agronomy Recipient of Jose Fernandez Memorial Chair Award
6) Meet Gloricelys Rivera NMSU's Biology Ph.D. Candidate from San Juan, Puerto Rico
February 2010
In this issue:
1) NMSU Researchers Part of $44 Million Consortium for Biofuels Research
2) Developing An Irrigation Master Plan for Rwanda: NMSU Researcher Helps Improving Farming in Africa
3) NMSU Faculty Awarded $1.68 Million NSF Grant to Develop Reduced Gravity, Simulation Technology for Astronaut Training and Biomechanics Research
4) NMSU Researchers Secure $11.5 Million of Stimulus Funds to Support Their Projects
5) Associate Professor of History Awarded Fellowship with Harvard
6) The Mercy Papers: NMSU Department of English Faculty Member Receives Recognition for Her Book
7) What Caused the American Civil War?
October 2009
In this issue: 1) Countdown to Impact: NMSU's Moon Observation A Success
2) NMSU Professor's Research Helps Indigenous Natives of Siberia
3) Winners of the Ninth Annual URC Research and Creativity Fair
4) OSI Grant Proposal Development Workshop
5) NSF Interactive, Web-Based Proposal Writing Workshop
6) AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellows
7) Life at Microsoft: Former NMSU CS Grad Addresses Accessibility and Offers Advice to Job Seekers
8) Thomas Jefferson and the Origins of Newspaper Competition in Pre-Revolutionary Virginia
9) The Core Ideals of the Mexican American Gang: Living the Presentation of Defiance
August 2009
In this issue: 1) Four Faculty Members Presented with University Research Council Awards 2) Meet the Rising Star Award Recipients 3) NMSU Faculty Targets DNA Repair Mechanisms for Disease Treatment 4) NMSU]based INBRE Program Receives $16.5 Million to Continue Developing Biomedical Research Programs across NM 5) New Mexico Receives more than $1 Million from NASA 6) Meet Chas Miller, NMSUfs Astronomy Graduate Student 7) NMSUfs Student]run Solar Furnace Operational
June 2009
In this issue: 1) NMSU Ranks 10th in Nation for Federally Funded Engineering Research Expenditures 2) New Mexico Space Grant Consortium Receives Five Year Renewal 3) NMSU Wins $1.2 M for Joint Research Project with the National Solar Observatory and the Air Force Research Laboratory's Center for Excellence in Space Weather 4) Introducing and Welcoming Dr. Peter Cooke, Director of Electron Microscopy Lab 5) Meet Dr. Starbuck, NMSU's University Research Council Chair 6) NMSU Student Selected for Physics Internship in Johns Hopkins University
April 2009
In this issue: 1) Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Q&A with Dr. Satish Ranade 2)IEE's 19th Annual Design Contest Held at NMSU 3) NMSU's Model U.N. Team Wins Outstanding Delegation Award in 2009 New York City Competition 4) NMSU Hosts 21st Annual Euprymna-Vibrio Powwow 5) Publications/Presentations:
  • Solar Energy: Renewable Energy and the Environment (Dr. Abbas Ghassemi)
  • Legitimated Oppression: Inner-city Mexican American Experiences with Police Gang Enforcement (Dr. Robert Duran)
  • English Department Graduate Students Present at Albq. Conference
  • Journal of Casa de las Americas (Dr.Spencer Herrera)
  • The Ecological role of the Mammalian Mesocarnivore (Dr. Gary W. Roemer)
  • Characterization of 15 tetranucleotide microsatellite markers in the ringtail (Bassariscus astutus) (Dr. Gary Roemer).
  • Water Conservation in Agriculture Can Increase Water Use (Dr. Frank A. Ward)
6) Justice for Youth: 5th Annual J. Paul Taylor Social Justice Symposium 7) Why Many Proposals Fail
February 2009
In this issue: 1) Office of VP for Research Supports the Year of Sustainability; 2) NMSU Honors Top Millionaire Researchers (NMSU's Research Awards Exceed $165 million); 3) Winners of 2009 Interdisciplinary Research Grant (IRG)'s; 4)Studying the Water Availability in New Mexico; 5)Research Assistant Wins National Turf Award at Conference; 6) Battle for the Castle: NMSU Associate Professor Studies Political Spin; 7) Grant Writing Workshops Sponsored by the Office of Strategic Initiatives; 8) NMSU Grants and Research Information Database (GRID);
December 2008
In this issue: 1) Vice President's Message; 2) NMSU Faculty Featured in the Esquire Magazin'es "Genius Issue;" 3) NMSU Psychology Professor Receives Grant to Study Infants; 4) NMSU CREST Offers CS and Bioinformatics Summer Program for Community Students; 5) Recent Publications/Art; 6) Celebrating NSF ADVANCE Program's Accomplishments; 7) Eye on Graduate Students: Meet Jorge Achata; 8) Winners of the 8th Annual URC Fair
October 2008
In this issue: 1)NMSU Faculty Studying the Bird Flu in Egypt, 2)51 Teams Participate in 8th Annual URC Fair, 3)Disease Vector Biologist Joins NMSU's Institute of Applied Biosciences, 4) Research Cancer At NMSU, 5)Gendered Injustice: Navajo Livestock Reduction in the New Deal Era, 6) Ph.D. candidates in Plant and Environmental Sciences Win Travel Awards at International Meeting, 7)NMSU Ph.D. Student Wins Microscopy Society of America Award for Best Poster in 2008 Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting in Albuquerque, N.M.
August 2008
In this issue: 1) NMSU Researchers Receive NASA/EPSCoR Award, 2) Recipients of the 7th Annual URC Awards, 3) NMSU Faculty Wins Outstanding Ornamental Publication Award, 4) Recent Appointments: Dr. Jeffrey Arterburn appointed Interim Director of the Institute of Applied Biosciences, Dr. Bob Czerniak accepted the position of Interim Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences as well as the Director of the College Research Center, Dr. Wynn Egginton accepted the position of Director of the Office of Educational Research and Budgeting (ERB) at the College of Education. 5)Brandon Lawton, NMSU Graduate Working at NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Science Institute 6) Not Just a Bedtime Story: NMSU Professor Applies Storytelling to Business Mangement, 7) NMSU's New Academic and Research Grants Information System (ARGIS).
June 2008
In this issue: 1) Free Ride for Nanosatellite Yields Big Success, 2) IAS Teaming Conference Focuses on NM Supercomputer, 3) Office of Strategic Initiatives, Supporting Grant Writing Efforts, 4) Recipients of 2008 Interdisciplinary Research Grants, 5) NMSU Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium, 6) Grant and Proposal Writing Development Workshop for Academia, 7) Eighth Annual University Research Council Fair, 8) XNS Group Members Present at URCAS, 9) Outdoor Science Field Day.
April 2008
In this issue: 1) Michele Nishiguchi, Biosciences Cluster Leader 2)IEE's 2008 Environmental Design Contest; 3) College of Agriculture Assistant Professor Finalist for AAAS Science and Fellowship for 2008-2009 in D.C. 4) PSL's Matrix Project: Preparing Students for Workforce of the Future 5) 2008 PSL Employee Service Awards
February 2008
In this issue: 1) NMSU Honors "Millionaire" Researchers, 2) The University Research Council 2) Nominations Invited for the University Research Council Award for Exceptional Achievements in Creative Scholarly Activity 3) NMSU Researchers to Use Ultra-Short Pulse Laser to Develop New Applications 4) Interim Associate Dean Dan Howard Visits American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates 5) Text to Picture: Improving UAV 6) NSF Integrative and Organismal Systems 7) Research Open Forum with VP for Research
December 2007
In this issue: 1)Shrinking Water Supplies in the Future Calls for Planning Today; 2)Single Multicultural Planet Seeks Environmentally-Responsible Population; 3) The Role of Frontal Pole in Controlled Retrieval from Memory; 4) NMSU Awarded Grant from the Strategic Studies Institute of U.S. Army War College; 5) NMSU to Lead Math Reform Research; 6) Evaluation of Sampling Designs and Analysis of Data Collected by the Greater Yellowstone Network Vital Signs; 7) "My Country is Alive," an oral history with Marge Jackson, First Nations Elder; 8) Manes 'N Tales: Studying the Effects of Equine Assisted Therapies on Human Behavior; 9) NMSUY's DC Federal Relations Firm to Hold Workshop; 10) NMSU Chemistry and Biochemistry Professor Recipient of Distinguished Undergraduate Institution Mentor Award; 11) From Page to Stage
October 2007
In this issue: 1)Vancomyein Resistant Golden Staph in Las Cruces; 2)Enhancing Learning via Primary Historical Texts in Mathematics and Computer Science; 3) IRG Recipients Present Progress Reports; 4) Publications: War Is Thundering at Our Very Gates TX Newspapers During Civil War; 5) NRI Funding for NMSU's Cropping System; 6) Graduate Psychology Education Grant; 7) FY09 Federal Initiatives; 8) Office of Strategic Initiatives; 9) NMSU Faculty Advance Decision Support Analysis for Water Policy; 10) NMSU Funded to Expand Cancer Health Disparities Program; 11) Serendipitous Backyard Hybridization and Origins of Crops; 12) A Nexus of Research, Teaching, & Distance Learning Outreach to 13) Global Warming: Fishery Department Asst. Professor Attends Oxford Round Table; 14) Math Professor Invites Speakers to Meeting of AMS in Albuquerque;
August 2007
In this issue: 1) NMSU Water Policy Research; 2) Research on HIV/ AIDS in Brazil Message from the VP for Research, Graduate Studies, & International Programs; 3) Big Read Comes to Las Cruces; 4)NMSU Graduate Student Selected for Scholarship to National Biomedical Computation Resource; 5) 12 New Undergraduate Research Initiative Grant Recipients; 6) Wayne Placek Research Award; 7) William Eamon Presents Research at International Conferences in Spain; 8) Graduate Student Grants in Geological Sciences; 9) Book: Foul Language in Renaissance Italy; 10) Supporting the Coalition Forces;

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