During the week of November 10-13, 2020, we celebrated all aspects of scholarly research and creative activity at New Mexico State University.

 CONGRATULATIONS to the prizewinners among our Student Presenters!  You can see their posters and some of their talks at the ePB Webhosting Gallery.

Ali Mchiri
Fine Arts
Courtney Uldrich
Ger Xiong

Osasere Emovon
Sabrina Shams Chowdhury
Toheeb Mustapha
Keona Manuelito

Marianna Corkill
Vanessa Mendoza


Sophia Lasch
Ryan Zowada
Adam Hopper

Subhankar Mandal
Gabriel Doherty
Pratima Bhandari
Physical Sciences


Hannah Gallamore
Sergio Cabrera

Meagan Moser
Nuwanjula Samarasingha
Autumn Joy Pearson
Engineering Widad Yossri
S. Ali Aleali
Lucas Rivera
Saeedeh Naziri
Wenjuan Bian
Tyler Alvis
Sajia Afrin Ema
Clarita Y. Regalado Vera
Judit Garcia
Hunter Stuckey
Alireza Bandegi
Life Sciences


Isabella Terrazas
Ester Lujan

Alex Moon
Eduardo Hernandez Acosta
Debadrita Pal


Crystal Chavez-Sambrano
Ghazal F. Yavari

Jackie Beth Shilcutt
Cassie Froemming
Social Sciences


Dylan Van Hooshier
Sarah Kuballa

Angela Thomas
Sean CochranBonnie Rice

As in previous years, there were a wide variety of events:

  • Speakers include: 
  • Former NSF Director Dr. France Córdova, hosted by Chancellor Dan Arvizu, will speak at 3pm on Friday November 13 on the future of science and technology in the COVID-19 era
  • Keynote addresses by featured speakers
    • Dr. Ellen Ochoa, Tuesday November 10, 12pm-1pm, MST
    • Dr. Jen Heemstra, Wednesday November 11, 12pm-1pm, MST
    • Dr. Christine Sleeter, Thursday November 12, 12pm-1pm, MST
    • Dr. Erica Alston, Friday November 13, 12pm-1pm, MST
  • Faculty Plenary Speaker
    • Dr. Pei Xu, Thursday November 12, 3:30pm MST
  • Highlight talks by Regents Professors
    • Dr. Graciela Unguez, Tuesday November 10, 2:30pm MST
    • Prof. Julia Barello, Tuesday November 10, 3:10pm MST
    • Dr. Rolston St. Hilaire, Thursday November 12, 1:30pm MST
  • Highlight Talks by URC Awardees
    • Dr. Akasha Faist, Tuesday November 10, 1:10 MST
    • Dr. Punam Thakur, Tuesday November 10, 1:50pm MST
    • Drs. Laura Anh Williams and M. Catherine Jonet, Tuesday November 10, 3:50pm MST
    • Dr. Igor Sevostianov, Wednesday November 11, 2pm MST
  • A program of contributed talks and posters from NMSU faculty, staff and students.
  • Judy Collins, who has long inspired audiences with sublime vocals, boldly vulnerable songwriting, personal life triumphs, and a firm commitment to social activism, will conduct a virtual performance and interview moderated by professor of music, Jim Shearer. Tuesday November 10, 7pm MST
  • Elsevier will host two Scholarly Workshops:
    • The Basics of Journal Publishing
    • For Authors Looking to Publish or Become Involved in Editorial Work