List of Topic Categories and Conveners

Feel free to contact the Conveners, Chris Sroka, or Cortney  Castle-Chavez for assistance. 

The table below is a list of all the categories and conveners for Research and Creativity Week November 2-5, 2021. 

Topic Convener Email
Agriculture Efren Delgado
Business Chris Sroka
Education Monique Matute-Chavarria
Electrical & Computer Engineering Wei Tang
Chemical & Materials Engineering Meng Zhou
Civil Engineering Huiyao Wang
Industrial Engineering Delia Valles-Rosales
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Abdessattar Abdelkefi
Health and Social Services Megan Finno-Velasquez
Humanities & Fine Arts Tracey Miller-Tomlinson
Life Sciences Donovan Bailey
Physical Sciences Steve Pate
Social Sciences Paulo Oemig
Library David Irvin