Virtual Posters and Pre-Recorded Program

Name of Presenter Title of Presentation Topic Area

Akram Benali

Irrigation with desalinated and raw produced waters: effects on soil properties, and germination and growth of five forages


Alex Rougeux, Cristian Esparza, Jovana Garcia, Helen Guadarrama

Solar burst emissions with NASA Radiotelescope Physical Sciences

Aylin Rodriguez-Ponce, Rhianna Thomas, Louisa Kenney

"Visit our City!" From Document-Based Questions to Multimodal Culturally Relevant Social Studies and Literacy Integration Education

Azeem Alvi

Impact of high-intensity ultrasound on quality parameters of ice cream Chemical Engineering

Bhimsen Shrestha

Effects of irrigation and nitrogen management in potato (S. tuberosum L.) growth, yield and water use efficiency Agriculture

Christopher Sota

A Novel 3D Mechanism-based Snake-link Robot for Chili Pepper Crops and Farming Field Monitoring Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Dabit Bista

Energy and Carbon Footprint of Cover Cropping in a Semi-Arid Irrigated AgricultureDabit Agriculture

Daniel Montes

Regeneration Response by Myogenic Stem Cells in Tissues of Electric Fish Following Serial Tail Amputation

Life Sciences

David Wade

Peptide Across Borders Life Sciences

Dikshya Sapkota

Jujube Germplasm in New Mexico and the Southwestern Corner of Texas Agriculture

Doris Arnedo

Soil Solarization: A Sustainable Practice for Improving Soil Health in Chile Production Agriculture

Emily Sampson

Internships and International Experiences in Agricultural Education Agriculture

Farhana Sarower

Stochastic dynamics of human papillomavirus delineates cervical cancer progression Physical Sciences

Francisco Lariz

IGFBP-6 Mediates Progesterone Dependent Signaling In Breast Cancer Life Sciences

Gabriela Reyes

Cytoskeleton (cytokinetic proteins)/ Cell & Developmental biology

Life Sciences

Jonah Green

Arsenic Exposure and Other Factors Associated with Hepatitis C: U.S. Adults From NHANES 2013-March 2020


Jules Castillo

Problematic Pop-Culture Humanities 

Lanie Whelpley

Spatiotemporal variation in Black Fly (Simulium) species during and after a Vesicular Stomatitis Virus outbreak in southern New Mexico

Life Sciences

Liam Sabiston

Quantifying Low Biases in Remote Sensing Evapotranspiration Models in a Semi-arid Environment Physical Sciences

Lyndi Bryant

Suppressing the CXCL12-CXCR4 Chemokine Axis During Implantation In Sheep Affects Expression Of Glucose and Amino Acid Transporters In Fetal Tissues At Mid-gestation Health & Social Services

Oscar Chavez, Jesus Loya, Candace Chambellan, Kaylynn Wayman

Telepresence Robot Interaction Social Sciences

Oscar Velasquez

Robust Regeneration in Adult Electric Pulse Fish and the Formation of its Electric Organ from Fast Muscle Fibers Life Sciences

Paige Harman

Surveilling potential and emerging tick-borne threats along the US-Mexico border Life Sciences

Rachel Madrid

Impact of Self and Math/Science Esteem on Academic Motivation Among Latinx Adolescents Social Sciences

Ryan DeFronzo, Namra Hussain

Expanding the mind and self: How experiential learning in the social media classroom bolsters student confidence for a social media marketing career Business
Samir Kusmic Galaxy-Absorber Association in the Epoch of Reionization Physical Sciences
Seyedmajid Minayhashemi, Keith Mandabach, Faezeh Cheraghi The Effrect of Tourism Storytelling on Tourist Visit Intentions Social Sciences
Seyedsaleh Mousavinez

Supplementary Cementitious Materials for Use in Ultra-High Performance Concrete

Huiyao Wang
Suman Sharma Selection Progress for Resistance to Fusarium Basal Rot in Short-Day Onions Using Artificial Inoculation Mature Bulb Screening Agriculture
Sumeet Sharma

Hydrological modelling using different climate data sources for lower rio grande watershed, New Mexico

Sundar Sapkota Response of soil carbon and nitrogen components to circular grass buffer integration in center-pivot irrigated cropping systems Agriculture
Sushil Sapkota Cost Analysis of Cotton Ginning Technologies: A Stochastic Cost Frontier Approach Agriculture
Taylor Gonzales Exploring Dimensions of Adult Drug Treatment Courts Related to Successful Program Completion Social Sciences
Valeria Montenegro Investigating tropomyosin isoform localization and function during sea star development Life Sciences
Walker Toohey

Arsenic, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and other metal exposure and association wiht skin cancer in US adults

Health & Social Services