Virtual Posters and Pre-Recorded Program

Name of Presenter Title of Presentation Topic Area
Abd Alrahman Elaksher Developing a Rapid Prototyping Microfabrication Technology with Conventional Photolithography Techniques Life Sciences
Adrianna Tafoya Characterizing the microbiomes of desert shrub, grass, biocrust, and interspace soils in a dryland landscape Agriculture
Ala Elayyan A Text Message Intervention for to support specificity plan and weight management in childhood obesity in the pediatric office. Health and Social Services
Alondra Villalba Effects of chronic stress on neural gene expression and the physiological stress response in budgerigars Life Sciences
Andi Johnson Improving population estimates for cancer prevalence rates of using data integration Business
Andrea Marañón Laguna Unmasking Ethnicity: Formation of Identity through Resistance Social Sciences
Annel Mena Inclusiveness and Accessibility in Promoting Health Literacy with the NMSU Cancer Outreach Core Health and Social Services
Aqsa Muzammil A transcriptomics investigation of Nepl15 and Nep1 form Drosophila melanogaster and its involvement in metabolic pathways. Life Sciences
Aric Bitton Testing for the Presence of Innately Tamoxifen Resistant Breast Cancer Cells Using Flow Cytometry and FACS Engineering - Chemical and Materials
Azul Toledo Vega Integrating Data Analytics in Additive Manufacturing: Fuse Deposition Process Engineering - Industrial
Betsy Stringam Kiwibots on Campus: A study of robotic food delivery services (work in progress ) Human Robot Interactions in Hospitality
Brianna Medrano Optimization of Parameters for the Analysis of Enzyme-Induced Carbonate Precipitation (EICP) Cemented Sands Engineering - Chemical and Materials
Bushra Moussaoui Effects of aging on adult vocal learning and social integration Life Sciences
Cecilia Corona Perceived Discrimination is Associated with Social Risk among Older Women but not Mammography Adherence Health and Social Services
Cobe Wilson Evaluating the Sampling Precision of Social Identity Related Published Research Social Sciences
Cobe` Ingroup Extension: How self-cognitions relate to ingroup and outgroup categorization of robots Social Sciences
Cyrus Kirwa Direct Recycling of End-Of-Life Cathode Materials Engineering - Chemical and Materials
Daniel Ibanez Human population density and bat presence at bridges spanning the Rio Grande Life Sciences
Deborah Thuman Taking A Look Inside My Brain Fine Arts
Delaplaine Johansen Engineering Students of Color and Financial Capability : Summary and Explanation of A Pilot Conference Education
Dominick Nevares Heat and Mass Transfer of a Single Droplet Under Shear Flow Engineering - Mechanical and Aerospace
Dr. Jeffrey D. Whitaker DNP Improving Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Enrollment, Personalization, and Retention by Increasing Collaboration Among District Drug Court Personnel and Clinical Staff Health and Social Services
Eden Taylor Rural Veterinary Shortage in New Mexico Agriculture
Eduardo Davila Comparison of Heat Transmission in Adobe Masonry and Conventional Housing Systems Engineering - Civil
Eduardo Vigil Emerging Technologies for Personal Protection Against Aerosols and Droplets Engineering - Engineering Technology and Surveying
Eli Gonzales, Karla Aranda, Huy Mai Electrochemistry, NMSU CHME Car Engineering - Chemical and Materials
Elida Miller Definitely Not Sick of School… Agriculture
Elizabeth Bustos Increasing HPV Vaccine Uptake Among Latinx: What works Health and Social Services
Elizabeth Bustos Vaccine Hesitancy Among Nurses During the Pandemic Health and Social Services
Elizabeth S. England-Kennedy Housing is Health: An urban “tent city’s” success in controlling COVID-19 Health and Social Services
Elizabeth Mendoza Crystallization of the substrate-binding protein ZrgA from V. cholerae Life Sciences
Emmarie Heredia & Luzia Manuel Glass Family Research Education
Fabiola Ester Lujan Investigating the role of NEK4 in cell cycle regulation in BT20 cells Life Sciences
Francisco Lariz IGFBP-6 modulates Estrogen Receptor alpha phosphorylation in breast cancer. Life Sciences
Frank Miyagishima Maximum Power Point Tracking and Voltage Control in a DC Microgrid Engineering - Electrical and Computer
Gabriela Reyes Determining the ultrastructure of the animal cell contractile ring Life sciences
Helena Loest Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research: New Mexico State University and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Research Program
Isa Casillas Advancing Health Behaviors Through Digital Learning: Developing an Online Health Education Program Health and Social Services
Isabella Shoffstall Characterizing Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein 6 (IGFBP-6) Expression in Breast Cancer Cell Models Life Sciences
Ivan Nieto IoT For Water Quality Monitoring System in Shrimp Aquaculture Engineering - Industrial
Jennifer Martinez Groups versus Individual perceptions of the KiwiBot food delivery robot Social Sciences
Jennifer Urban-Flores Making it happen: The NMSU Library and you Library Science
Jerry Sims Impact of Redox Regime on the Environmental Fate of the Herbicide Metolachlor Agriculture
Jessica Mikenas The influence of biocrust and nutrient/carbon additions on the rangeland soil microbiome Life Sciences
Jesus Chavarria Rheology analysis of polylactic acid (PLA) and pecan nutshell (PNS) composite for extrudability and fused deposition modeling (FDM) Engineering - Industrial
Jim Kroger Frontopolar Cortex Specializes for Manipulation of Structured Information Life Sciences
Jon Davis  Miguel Ángel Asturias Channels Victor Hugo  English 
Jordan Gaming Solo versus Gaming Together: Differences in Social Connectedness Social Sciences
Kassidy Shedd An Experimental Test Setup for Physical Human-Soft Robot-Exoskeleton-Interaction Study Engineering - Mechanical and Aerospace
Keenan Flynn 17β-Estradiol stimulates proteolysis of Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 4 through up-regulation of Pregnancy-Associated Plasma Protein A in ER-α positive breast cancer Life Sciences
Keith H. Mandabach Supporting and Sustaining Independently Owned New Mexican Rural Tourism Busines Operators Tourism
Keona Manuelito Socio-environmental and psychosocial influences on elementary school Navajo children’s diet intentions Health and Social Services
Koffi Djaman Precision Irrigation Water Management and Crop Evapotranspiration of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L) under Center Pivot Agriculture
Koffi Djaman Fruit and Nut Trees Chilling and Heat Accumulation and their Flower Bud Vulnerability to Early Spring Low Temperatures in New Mexico: Meteorological Approach Agriculture
Koffi Djaman Growth and Yield Characteristics of Two Early Potato Cultivars under Organic and Conventional Production Systems Agriculture
Leidi Patricia Collazos Diaz Relationships between Cancer Fatalism, social support, and coping strategies among Latina cancer survivors. Health and Social Services
Lilian Marquez The Big C’s: COVID-19 and Cancer. The Impact of COVID-19 and Cancer in Latina Mothers Living along the US-Mexico Border Health and Social Services
Linda Summers, Conni DeBlieck, Elizabeth Kuchler, Stephane Lynch, Shelly Noe, Katrina Graham Integrating SUD/OUD into Family Nurse Practitioner Education Health and Social Services
Lindsay Keeling Adverse Childhood Experiences are Associated with Suicidal Behaviors Health and Social Services
Lisa Kurth Perinatal Exposures: An Understudied Risk Health and Social Services
Luke Friedman Breakthrough Fine Arts
Maha Abutokaikah Characterization of Biocrude Oils with an Orbitrap Fusion Mass Spectrometer with Increased Resolution and Dynamic Range Physical Sciences
Mikaela Hoellrich Showcasing the Hidden Biodiversity at White Sands National Park Agriculture
Marcela Lopez Muscle Driven Mechanism for Locomotion of Snake-Robots Engineering - Mechanical and Aerospace
Maria-Adeliz Ordonez Soft Robotic Arm Module Development Engineering - Mechanical and Aerospace
Mariana Barraza Response to Intervention: A Roadmap to Implementation Education
Maya Gabitzsch Growing Plants and Mushrooms in Lunar Regolith Simulant – A Plant the Moon Challenge Agriculture
Merlinda Walton Improving Quality and Efficiency in a Multidisciplinary Care Team Health and Social Services
Mohammad Badawy Fabrication of a Thermoresponsive Pluronic F-108 Membrane for Water Filtration & Purification utilizing Lyotropic Liquid Crystal (LLC) Templating Engineering - Chemical and Materials
Nathan Martinez Na-K ATPase Subunit Beta Knockdown in Aedes aegypti Life Sciences
Oluwatobi Omotayo Guayule: A Sustainable Alternative in the Arid Region? Agriculture
Pamela Dominguez Soft Wheel Robot with a Shape-Morphing-based Steering Mechanism Engineering - Mechanical and Aerospace
Patricia McClure In Search of the White Antiracist Mind: A Narrative Inquiry Education
Peter Zelkowski Prototype Testing of Laterally Expansive Piles Engineering - Civil
Princess Parson "Saving Lives Through Texting: Connecting Domestic Violence Survivors to Support and Resources Discreetly" Health and Social Services
Quanwen Sun Architectural Electrode Improvement to Enhance Stability in Lithium Ions Battery Performance Engineering - Chemical and Materials
Rafael Delgado Designing and Prototyping Snake-like Robots Swarm with 2D locomotion for Studying Maneuverability Control in Confined Spaces Engineering - Mechanical and Aerospace
Reza Ghanavati Quantum Chemistry Calculations of Metal-Organic Frameworks Engineering - Chemical and Materials
Saeedeh Naziri Bioinspired regolith penetration probe for Lunar exploration Engineering - Civil
Samantha Gonzalez  Departure, a Short Story  English- Creative Writing 
Samantha Valentino Correlating NAD(P)H lifetime shifts to treatment of MCF-7 and T-47D breast cancer cells under serum and serum free conditions: a metabolic mapping study with time-resolved flow cytometry Engineering - Chemical and Materials
Samir Kusmic Assuming Ionization Equilibrium and the Impact on the IGM during the End of Reionization Physical Sciences
Sarah Cerra Effects of RO concentrate on the germination, growth and vigor of Atriplex species Agriculture
Sarah Spain Importance of Gender-Specific, Evidence-Based Inpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs for Women with Young Children Health and Social Services
Sarah Walker Lina Meruane y las implicaciones del amor discapacitada  Languages & Linguistics
Saundra Trujillo and Mary Fahrenbruck Criminology Criminal Justice Theory as Seen Through the Window, Sliding Glass Door, & Mirror of Young Adult Literature Social Sciences
Serbando Dominguez Perez Emerging Technologies for Personal Protection Against Aerosols and Droplets Engineering - Engineering Technology and Surveying
Seyed Ali Aleali Numerical Simulation of Bioinspired Radially Expansive Piles Engineering - Civil
Shammi Gandhi Stress Training in the Classroom: Evidence of Learning Transfer and Gains in Psychological States and Processes Business
Shannon Pestovich Analysis of DNA-PKcs mediated association of DHX9 to R-loops Physical Sciences
Simon Gomez Prevented Feral Swine Population and Costs Model Agriculture
SOUMI MITRA Olfaction-related Gene Expression in the Antennae of Female Mosquitoes from common Aedes aegypti Laboratory Strains Life Sciences
Stephen Pate NMSU Presidents -- a Poisson Distribution Business
Sundar Sapkota Soil carbon and nitrogen components under grass buffer strips and adjacent corn strips in a semi-arid irrigated corn production system Agriculture
Teresa Fuentes TBA Humanities
Tiana S. Nez Seedling Germination of Common Desert Dropseed Species (Sporobolus Contractus and Sporobolus Flexuosus) from the Chihuahuan Desert Agriculture
Wanda Borges PhD, Linda Summers PhD, Elizabeth Kuchler DNP COVID2Home: An Innovative Approach to Freeing Hospital Beds Health and Social Services