The "100 in October" Challenge


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The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is keenly aware of the challenges faculty face at the start of the new academic year and especially this particular year. The OVPR stands ready to support proposal development and writing efforts. NMSU's monthly proposal submission record is 92 proposals. Congratulations to all those that submitted proposals seeking funding for their research and creative activity!

The OVPR is targeting submission of 100 proposals in October. To achieve this goal, OVPR is offering an incentive to submit a proposal: $250 stipend + up to $1000 in Indirect Cost (IDC) generated from an award for each PI/co-PI on proposal. Multiple individuals may collaborate and submit the proposal as PI or co-PI. Limit 1 stipend per person deposited in an unrestricted account. Proposal budget should be in excess of $5000 x [number of PI(s) + number of co-PI(s)].

Eligibility: Any individual that has an *active ARGIS (Academic Research & Grants Information System) account except administrators such as Department Heads, Directors, (Assistant/Associate) Deans, (Assistant/Associate) Vice Presidents, etc.

*Any PI/co-PI that has previously submitted a Proposal has an active ARGIS account; alternately, you may request PI/co-PI status via:

For planning, PI(s)/co-PI(s) are strongly encouraged to submit via email ( notice of intent which should include RFP URL and proposer names before Nov. 1. Proposal review by RAS Research Development staff ( is also encouraged.

All proposals must be submitted through RAS no later than three (3) working days before proposal deadline or before Nov. 30, whichever is earlier. ARGIS proposal record must be submitted no later than Dec. 31.

For further information, please see:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: How is this challenge being funded? How can OVPR pay for the incentives during budget cuts?

A1: The challenge is being funded by expected IDC return to the Central administration which includes OVPR but not Colleges and other units. Based on proposal activity from prior years, a computer simulation was developed to estimate how an increase in proposal activity might translate into an increase in awards, expenditures, IDC, etc. Various assumptions led to scenarios with probabilities at different payout points (stipend+IDC return). The Central administration wishes to provide researchers incentives and is comfortable with the program and its benefit/cost.


Q2: What unrestricted account is the stipend deposited in?

A2: The stipend will be deposited in an unrestricted account such as a PI overhead account. Those proposers that do not have a PI overhead account should request through their department head or associate dean of research, that such an account be created as soon as possible but no later than Nov. 30. Any delay in having this account set up may delay stipend payment.


Q3: Are research assistant professors eligible to submit a proposal for the 100 in October challenge?

A3: Yes.


Q4. I am in the Department of Music and have recently signed a contract for a new recording, and am actively seeking grant funding for the project.  Am I eligible to apply for the "100 in October Challenge"? 

A4: Yes, if funding sought exceeds $5,000 and proposal is submitted through RAS.


Q5: Are applications to NM-IBRE funding eligible for this challenge?

A5: No.


Q6: Are community colleges eligible for this challenge?

A6: Yes. See answer to question 4.


Q7: I’m working a proposal that will be submitted through the funding agency's website directly. It won’t go through RAS. Is it eligible for the challenge?

A7: Any proposal submission must be submitted through RAS regardless of the submission system/method, unless the submission is in response to a traditional white paper request. All qualifying proposal submissions in October are eligible. Please .