Application for Seed Funding to Support Proposal Development Efforts in the Arts and Humanities

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is soliciting applications from faculty requesting seed funding for proposal development efforts which seek external funding in the arts and humanities. Applications must include at least one tenure/tenure-track faculty from one of the following departmentsArtCreative Media, English, History, Languages and Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, and Theatre but may include faculty collaborators in other departments.

It is anticipated that internal support will not exceed $10,000 or the amount requested in the proposal to be submitted for external funding, whichever is less. It is expected that this multi-year commitment by the Office of the Vice President for Research will result in strong growth in proposal submissions to external funding agencies in support of creative activities and ultimately contributing to attaining R1 status. Applications will be awarded based on merit and those which include an identified opportunity and a clear plan to submit a proposal, will have the highest priority. Priority will also be given to early- and mid-career faculty.

The award may be used for faculty summer salary support, undergraduate/graduate student salary support (including summer), or travel for purposes of proposal development efforts. Specific equipment, services, and supplies may be allowed under certain circumstances at the discretion of the review committee. The award may not be used for faculty supplemental compensation. A FAQ follows this announcement and will be updated regularly as needed.

Applications are due no later than 5:00pm on 31 January 2022 and must be electronically submitted using the link below. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Awards will be announced no later than 30 March 2022. All funds must be expended by 30 June 2022.

Please direct questions to and include in the subject line "Seed Funding in the Arts and Humanities."

Application Form and Online Submission Link

Please download the application form

Please submit completed application as a PDF file at

Note: If you need to revise/replace a previously-submitted application before the deadline, please contact  If you intend to submit multiple applications as the lead, please contact for instructions on how to submit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How many applications can a faculty make?

A1: Arts and Humanities faculty may submit one application as sole applicant. All facuty (including Arts and Humanities faculty) may also submit one application as part of a collaborative application provided the application includes a tenure/tenure-track faculty from one of the departments listed above. A faculty member may receive no more than $10,000 in total internal funding.

As an example, Prof. A is in the Department of Art and Prof. B is in the Department of Anthropology.  Prof. A may submit one application requesting $7500 of funding. Profs. A and B may also submit one application which requests $2500 of funding that will be attributed to Prof. A and $7500 of funding that will be attributed to Prof. B. Neither application exceeds $10,000 in requested funding and neither faculty receives more than $10,000 attributed to them.


Q2: How many awards will be made and how is this program being paid for?

A2: An internal panel will review applications and award up to $250,000 in total. All awards are funded through OVPR overhead.


Q3: How can the award be used?

A3: The award can used to provide salary support (including summer) to faculty or undergraduate/graduate students or some combination thereof or travel. The award cannot be used for supplemental compensation. Specific equipment, supplies, and services may be allowed under certain circumstances at the discretion of the review committee.

Update: Applicants should include fringe if the budget includes salary support. Seed funding cannot be used to fund salary of faculty at other universities.


Q4: Does the award have to be spent before 30 June 2022?

A4: Yes but the targeted proposal can be due after 30 June 2022. Unspent funds will be returned to OVPR.


Q5: What are the obligations associated with an award?

A5: For this program, the obligation of the awardee is to work with the proposal develoment group in Research Administration Services in identifying funding source(s) for the proposed work and developing a grant proposal.


Q6: Can faculty submit a proposal through the NMSU Foundation?

A6: See Resources for InvestigatorsAll proposals for external funding must be submitted by Research Administration Services (RAS) except for those where the proposal must be submitted by a 501(c)3 organization. In this case, faculty should contact the NMSU Foundation with the understanding that Foundation works independently from RAS.


Q7: How can I find external funding opportunities in the arts and humanities?

A7: ProQuest Pivot is a funding opportunities database that NMSU subscribes to and which is available to all faculty, staff, and students (Pivot Quick Start Guide).


Q8: Why isn't my department listed above?

A8: This program supports Goal 2 Tactic 2.2.3 "Encourage and support arts and humanities faculty to engage in externally-funded creative activities." NMSU's arts and humanities departments are listed here. As a side note, increasing externally-funded creative activities contributes to Goal 2 Objective 2.2 . Finally, non-science / non-engineering expenditures are one measure in the Carnegie Classification of universities and achieving the highest Carnegie research status (R1) is part of the LEADS 2025 vision.