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Apollo 50th Anniversary Student Challenge

03-20-2020 - STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education is arguably the most necessary piece oftoday's societal needs.The ability of a person to computationally problem solve and innovate is crucial for continued scientific and technological advancement. Unfortunately, many school curriculums lack a strong STEM-focus, leading to decreased STEM proficiency and interest. In order to assist in the process of increasing STEM awareness, proficiency, and interest, we propose to partner with the Northwest Earth and Sciences Pipeline (NESSP) to become a Regional Challenge Hub (R.CH) for the Apollo Student Challenge (ASC) in celebration ofthe 50th anniversary ofthe landing of Apollo 11 on the surface ofthe moon. Specifically, we plan to host 25 teams around the Southwest to compete in a hands-on challenge to fly and land a replica of the Apollo Lunar Module on a high-resolution map of the actually Apollo 11 landing site using a drone. Each team will also build an EV3 robotic lunar rover, and once landed, use on­ the-spot programming to deliver a team-created payload. This competition and our involvement plays a meaningful role in broadening access to STEM in diverse communities, and increasing STEM proficiency.