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From Classroom to the Lab - NMSU Responds to the Changing HPC Landscape in New Mexico

07-24-2020 - The need for computation is becoming ubiquitous across disciplines; however, access and knowledge are still in a fledgling stage. At New Mexico State University (NMSU), a Minority- Serving Institution (MSI) and Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI), the campus high performance computing resource is valuable and growing, however vital populations are not able to find the access they need. Unfunded or small-funding research competes with all campus users for common resources and classroom learning activities are at the mercy of paper and grant deadlines. The NMSU cluster is small and quickly overloaded during various parts of the year as these deadlines loom. Priority access is given to those who purchased resources to add to the cluster and a backfill queue allows general users access when not in use; however, suspension of jobs occurs when the resource is needed by the owners again. Here we propose an expansion of Discovery, the NMSU HPC resource, including storage, to support fundamental research on campus and classroom activities across New Mexico. NMSU is primed for such, with high research need, instructors interested in incorporating Discovery into their classroom activities, and state-wide collaborations with faculty who are excited to have a supportive HPC team to assist their classrooms state-wide.