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Combining Andragogy and Pedagogy to Help First Generation, Low Income Students Succeed in Engineering

05-04-2020 - NMSU proposes an Innovative Cross-Sector Partnership entitled "Combining Andragogy and Pedagogy to Help First-Generation, Low Income Students Succeed in Engineering". This partnership will use research findings on engineering identity, professional role confidence, self-efficacy, and adult learning (andragogy) methods to transform first-year, mid-curriculum, and capstone engineering education experiences by integrating the achievements of industry recognized certifications with innovation and entrepreneurship experiences supported by teams of industry, national laboratory, and university faculty. The lack of a 4-year degree in STEM and the loss of students from engineering are major impediments to long-term social mobility. The 5-year goal is to increase graduation rates of first-time, full-time NMSU students in engineering by 50% starting in 2019 while growing engineering student enrollment. Higher graduation rates and increased enrollments will provide institutional and industry support to sustain the curricular changes, industry partnering with faculty activities, and student social mobility past the NSF grant period.