Q1: How do I access ARGIS?

A1: The ARGIS system may be accessed from the campus WAN at .  For off-campus access, please use the VPN [ Windows | Macintosh | Mobile Devices ]. thekey.jpg


Q2: How do I request an ARGIS report?

A2: Colleges and other major research units automatically receive quarterly reports on proposal submissions and awards from ARGIS. For other reports, please send ARGIS-related report requests directly to with "ARGIS Request: Report" in the email Subject line.


Q3: How do I request that a researcher, principal investigator (PI), or user be added to ARGIS?

A3: Please email your request to with " ARGIS Request: Add Researcher ", "ARGIS Request: Add PI", or "ARGIS Request: Add User" in the email Subject line.


For all other ARGIS-related questions please email   with "ARGIS " in the email Subject line.