LEADS 2025 – COVID19 Performance Fund 


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The Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate School invites proposals for LEADS 2025 – COVID19 Performance Funds, that are derived from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF). Eligible applicants are NMSU faculty as well as staff in the offices of the Chancellor, the President, Academic Affairs, Student Success, Administration and Finance, and Research and Graduate School. Applicants must propose projects that address limitations caused by the COVID19 pandemic, are aligned with NMSU's LEADS 2025 goals as well as the intent of the HEERF funds.  Efforts must aim to enhance faculty and staff readiness to improve student success at NMSU. Awards will range from $50,000 and $750,000 and must be expended by June 30, 2023, with 50% of the funds to be used by June 30, 2022. The deadline to submit five-page proposals, budget and additional information is April 23, 2021. The complete announcement is available here. To access the mandatory template to be used for development of proposal click here. For more information, please send email to vpr@nmsu.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Can PhD students apply for this fund based on their research proposals?

A1: PhD students are not eligible to apply for the LEADS 2025 – COVID19 Performance Fund. The fund is not designed to support research directly. However, colleges may be asking or moneys to support graduate students TAs or Gas.


Q2: I was looking at the HEERF fund comparison chart and was wondering which category (Column) of HEERF funds we should be looking at for the current proposal?




Q3: In the template provided, a full program with doctoral student managers was proposed (as an example). Is it possible to propose a faculty-level program manager/coordinator, or is that not allowed due to the emphasis of focusing expenditures on students?

A3: First, these are one-time funds, so hiring permanent staff must have a plan for sustaining the hire beyond June 2023. Second, expenditures do not have to be on students, but they impact students through teaching, learning, research and/or outreach.


Q4:Can an applicant submit multiple proposals in response to the LEADS 2025 Performance Fund call for proposals?

A4: Yes


Q5: Is there a limit?

Q5: No


Q6: Are the library staff/faculty eligible to submit proposals?

Q6: Yes, as the library staff are part of Academic Affairs


Q7: Should the budget include indirect costs of 8% as allowed by the Department of Education?

A7: No IDC is required


Q8: In the proposal for the Funding section, are the totals for one year or two year funding?

A8: For the whole funding period.


Q9: Could you please clarify if faculty and staff from an academic department is eligible to apply for the LEADS 2025 COVID 19 Performance Fund?

A9: Faculty and staff from any academic department are eligible to apply.


Q10: Will proposals either be funded or not, or is there the possibility or a proposal being partial funded? 

A10: Proposals may be accepted but not funded at the fully requested budget


Q11: Does this fund support research?

A11: The Fund is not intended for support of research projects per se.  Support of infrastructure required for or students performing research, however, may be justified; particularly if it can be tied to addressing challenges COVID19 brought to our research, scholarship and creative activity enterprise.  


Q12: Do “references” count toward the 5 page limit for the proposals in response to the LEADS 2025 Performance Fund?

A12: There is a strict page limitation, references should be counted. 


Q13.  Is the recovery of IDC allowable?

A13.  It is not.


Q14.  We are wondering if HEERF funds allow for grants to be awarded via Scholar Dollars to graduate students in our department who volunteer to tutor undergraduate students? Or is it restricted to salary expenditures/supplies?

A14.  No, we have not discussed the transfer of funds via Scholar Dollars.


Q.15.  Are faculty summer salaries allowed in the proposal? 

A 15.  This has not been disallowed from consideration as long as the proposed activities aim to enhance faculty and staff readiness to improve student success at NMSU.   


Q16.  If faculty summer salaries are allowed, does one calculate the amounts based on the actual faculty salaries or is a different figure to be used?

A16.  The actual faculty salaries.


Q17.  What are the amounts to use for support of TAs/Gas? Are they the standard salary amounts or does one need to account for benefits as well?

A17.  One needs to account for benefits as well.


Q18.  Is a course buyout allowed for a faculty to work on the project during the academic year? 

A18.  This has not been disallowed from consideration as long as the proposed activities aim to enhance faculty and staff readiness to improve student success at NMSU.  


Q19.  If course buyouts are allowed, how do we calculate the cost for them? 

A19.  The same way you would budget for any other RFP.


Q20.  Would supporting an Outreach program for High School student qualify for this funding?

A20.  HEERF funding is specific in higher education.


Please consult the announcement link at the top of this page and the links within the announcement to help answer most questions: