Conflict of Interest in Sponsored Projects

New Mexico State University is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all of its academic and administrative operations.  Both individual members of the University and entities controlled by the University have a vital need to recognize and deal with conflicts of interest and/or commitment.  Such conflicts may compromise or have the appearance of compromising the integrity of University related activities and may have unforeseen effects on those activities.

Therefore, conflicts of interest and commitment must be reported by all regular employees (full and part-time faculty and staff) under the following circumstances:

  • Upon hire
  • Annually when initiated by HR Services in the Fall Semester
  • When a conflict or the appearance of a conflict arises that has not been reported 
  • Upon notification from Research Administration Services via Streamlyne for new awards

For more information: NMSU Administrative Rules and Procedures, ARP Chapter 3

Venn Diagram with Ethics, Values and Integrity