Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)


NMSU ARP Chapter 11 Research and Intellectual Property  Part 5: IACUC

All use of vertebrate animals must be reviewed and approved in advance by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee to ensure the necessity of animal use and high standards of humane treatment.  Animal research must be conducted by adequately trained persons using all necessary measures to prevent, minimize and alleviate pain and distress to an animal.  Measures will be taken to ensure that no animals in the university’s care will experience severe or unrelieved pain and/or distress.  All university employees involved in animal use for teaching or research purposes must be certified by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and participate in the Occupational Health and Safety program for animal workers.

The office of record for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee activities is Research Administration, which is responsible for maintaining the Animal Welfare Assurance and compliance with federal agency reporting requirements.


For Animal Welfare concerns, please contact Dr. Shanna Ivey at 575-646-5279 or the Office of the Vice President for Research at 575-646-2481 or

Confidential reports can be made through the NMSU Ethicspoint portal.

NMSU Researchers are committed to the highest standards of ethics in animal care and use. Animal health and humane treatment are vital to responsible research. An appropriate executive team will investigate all reports. Employees, students, and IACUC members shall be free from retaliation for voicing concerns and cooperating in investigations, per NMSU’s Administrative Rules and Procedures (ARP) Chapter 3.