New Mexico's Best Bet:

NMSU Maximizes the State's Investment in the Technology Enhancement Fund

The New Mexico Higher Education Department selected three NMSU research projects for funding through the inaugural (FY23) Technology Enhancement Fund: These research projects bring significant value to the State with respect to financial return on investment, capacity building, student training, social mobility opportunities, and the foundation for economic development.

FY23 By the Numbers

$ 5375033

TEF Investment in NMSU

$ 15072406

Returned NMSU Total Projects Value

$ 9697373


Return on Investment

Technology Enhancement for a Biomedical Research Facility at an HSI on the US-Mexico Border

A lab animal vivarium and a complementary wild animal vivarium, insectary, and aviary to enhance biomedical research and training. including discovery in wild animal disease models and disease vectors.

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Return on TEF Investment

State TEF Investment: $2,762,300
Matching Funds: $7,084,640
Total Project: $9,846,940

Analytical Instrumentation Suite for Research in Energy, Agriculture, Water, and Materials Science

This core facility will offer access to advanced, shared-use chemical analysis equipment to promote interdisciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration in impaired water remediation and reuse, biomedical discovery, agriculture and plant science, environmental science and engineering, oil and gas production, materials science, energy, and food safety.

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Return on TEF Investment

State TEF Investment: $1,961,418 
Matching Funds: $1,961,418
Total Project: $3,922,836

Chemistry and Biochemistry Molecular Structure Determination Core

New core facility that supports chemical and biomedical growth in the state by providing grant and project support to ten NM institutions. The core will be equipped with a single crystal X-ray diffraction system, an electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer, a triple-quad mass spectrometer, an optical profiler, a preparative high-performance liquid chromatography system, and a 400 Mhz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer (NMR) to complement and existing 500 Mhz NMR. The structure determination core is complemented by a cell culture facility strengthened by the addition of updated real-time PCR and imaging systems.

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Return on TEF Investment

State TEF Investment: $651,315    
Matching Funds: $651,315 
Total Project: $1,302,630