Responsibilities under the NMSU RCR Training Plan

Institutional Responsibilities:

  • For those agencies (e.g. NSF) where this is appropriate, certify that an institutional responsible conduct of research (RCR) training plan is in place to ensure that appropriate training in RCR is given to all sponsored post doctoral researchers and students, graduate and undergraduate, for whom such training is required.  NSF defines  “sponsored” as those students funded through an NSF award, and those using supplies and equipment provided through NSF awards.
  • For those agencies (e.g. NIH) where this is appropriate, ensure that the appropriate institutional RCR training plan is included within each proposal.
  • Ensure the faculty has the appropriate resources to be aware of funding agency requirements and to provide appropriate RCR training for the discipline and research setting of each sponsored project.  This includes maintaining the RCR web site, the online core RCR curriculum, and IRB and IACUC support.
  • Maintain records (available for audit) documenting the RCR training requirements imposed by each principal investigator in their award-specific training plans, identifying sponsored students to whom the requirements apply, and recording their appropriate training.

Principal Investigator Responsibilities:

  • Include the institutional plan in proposals where that is required by the sponsoring agency (e.g. NIH).  Include the appropriate certification in proposals where that is required by the sponsoring agency (e.g. NSF).
  • When an award including an RCR training requirement is received, complete the award-specific training plan to specify the core training courses (the series of online general RCR modules appropriate to the research discipline, and where appropriate, the online IRB course and/or the periodic IACUC seminars) required, and any additional discipline or laboratory-specific requirements.
  • Provide the RCR training requirements to all sponsored students.
  • Provide RCR training as appropriate under the award-specific plan prepared.
  • Semi-annually, report (1) who were the sponsored students to whom training requirements applied, and (2) how and when those requirements were met by each.

Supported Post-doctoral Researcher and Student Responsibilities:

  • Understand the RCR training requirements imposed by the award-specific training plan developed by the principal investigator.
  • Complete the specified training courses in a timely manner.
  • Provide to the principal investigator documentation of training completed (e.g. online training completion certificates).